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We are so confident in our green clean method that we offer a "Continuous Care Extended Warranty" on all carpet we install and maintain.

Services: Commercial Floor Maintenance

Suburban Floorcoverings provides a Cleaning & Maintenance Service that will allow your new flooring to retain its appearance and performance and thereby also reduce its environmental footprint.

Appearance Retention

Proper Cleaning & Maintenance are key to the appearance and performance of carpeting. As the chart below demonstrates, regularly scheduled cleaning can help keep carpet appearance at a nearly new level for significantly longer than erratic or reactive cleaning can.

A regularly scheduled maintenance program helps to remove soil before it can build up and permanently damage carpet fiber.

Proactive vs Reactive Maintenance

With the proactive maintenance program Plan A, carpet retains much of its original appearance over time. The reactive cleaning of Plan B cannot restore carpet appearance.
Source: antron

Dry Methods – Eliminate Disruption, Secure LEED Certification, Satisfy OSHA Safe Workplace

With our dry methods, we work quickly and quietly—without nuisance, noisy machines or burdensome hoses. Floors dry fast, eliminating the need to close-off areas. Liabilities are reduced since there is no exposure to hours of wet, slippery floors. What’s more, our dry system allows daytime cleaning, so you can maximize operational efficiency while minimizing environmental impact by conserving energy as well as water. Call today to see how Suburban Floorcoverings can help bring your building closer to sustainability.

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